Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wild horses couldn't keep me away

Went back for a second helping of Leslie Kritzer Is Patti LuPone at Les Mouches yesterday. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how this is one of the most exciting shows of the year. That assessment was confirmed yesterday: Kritzer is it. January 6 is your last chance to catch her before she leaves for the out-of-town tryout of Legally Blonde. Go, go, go!

The saddest thing is that the Sheila and I were among only a handful of women at Joe's Pub yesterday. I can't even remember the last time I was in such an overwhelmingly male environment. Being surrounded by men isn't the sad thing, of course; no, what's sad is that women just don't seem to get into this kind of shows, even though it's hard to think of a more "empowering" (ahem) spectacle that Leslie Kritzer bringing down the house through pipes of steel and sheer star wattage. Ages ago I wrote a piece for The Village Voice about the lone condition of the show tune–loving lesbian. Things have not changed one bit, and I'll just say once again how much it pains me that lesbians still flock to the worst guitar-strummed, clichéd modes of female expression while ignoring the deliciously subversive wonders of the musical-theater world.


judy said...

Speaking of "worst guitar-strummed, clichéd modes of female expression," The L Word returns Sunday with the same godawful theme song! Yet I'm so excited!!!!

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

At least they didn't put the theme song on the new L Tunes CD!

ryn said...

well this here lezzie loves showtunes. and leslie kritzer is patti lupone at les mouches! but you're right--i ended up having to see it with my gay boyfriend. keep those chicks with picks away!