Thursday, March 15, 2007

On the newsstands

The new Time Out New York is out, with two short pieces by yours truly: a review of Natsuo Kirino's latest novel, Grotesque, and a preview of the Justin Timberlake shows.

In other publishing news, I'm perversely thrilled to have been called a Nazi by a Salon reader reacting (anonymously, of course) to my article there.

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Anonymous said...

This public middle school teacher applauds you for your review of Littell's novel. As an educator concerned with how schools teach children what to think, it is a pleasure to witness an embrace of the values that have led me to my business--to expose children to the joy and pains of thinking and discovery, and, in the best cases, how these pursuits lead us to thoughtful actions on the behalf of ourselves and others. Thanks.