Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mercer Mercer me

My review of Glenn Mercer's debut solo album, Wheels in Motion, is in Time Out New York. You may remember Mercer from his days in the Feelies, a glorious Jersey band that practically lived at Maxwell's in the 80s. Like early Talking Heads (for the cleanly spastic attitude) and years before Weezer (for the look), the Feelies refined VU-influenced nerd rock starting with their 1980 debut, Crazy Rhythms. The new CD is a lot quieter, picking up where the band left off when it split in 1991.

MP3 Glenn Mercer "Two Rights" from Wheels in Motion (Pravda, 2007)

Quiet actually seems to be the operative word right now. Not much to report on the going-out front, as I take a break between the Broadway season and the various summer festivals. Making the most of this unusual abundance of free evenings, I've finally dived into the addictive pleasures of both The Wire and Guitar Hero. I rocked 84% of Kiss' "Strutter" on my first attempt but had a total meltdown on Sabbath's "War Pigs." My only regret is that the PlayStation version comes with a Gibson SG and I would have preferred the Flying V. Whatev': It's not as if I can really play either of them.

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