Friday, August 31, 2007

The new ice age

A couple of nifty tracks to go with my review of Chungking's Stay Up Forever in Time Out New York. While the new album is an import, eMusic does carry it for American customers. So convenient.

The band's singer, Jessie Banks, has joined Alison Goldfrapp, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Deborah Evans (of Flying Lizards), 1982 Annie Lennox and Siouxsie Sioux in my pantheon of singing ice queens. (Note that I've seen Bj√∂rk referred to as an ice queen but while she is from Iceland, she's no an ice queen. Oh no—an ice queen isn't half-woman, half-elf, and she certainly doesn't sing like a little girl.) I mean, just look at Banks on the left: the slightly downturned mouth, the dramatically made-up eyes, the waxy skin. And of course, the obligatory ice-queen accessory (a bearded muso in dark shades) lurks in the background, his head looking like it's half the size of hers. Fantastic, just fantastic.

MP3 Chungking "Baby"
MP3 Chungking "Slow It Down"

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