Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lit crit

My review of Walter Mosley's new novel, Diablerie, is in the L.A. Times today. Easy Rawlins fans are dispensed from running to the bookstore: their hero is, alas, nowhere to be seen.

Things have been quiet on the lit front. I'm reading Balzac's A Woman of Thirty but once that's done, I have to immerse myself in research on the early-’90s American music scene for a project due in March. Any suggestions on what I should read?


Luke N Atmaguchi said...

"The early-’90s American music scene" -- could you be a little more specific?

I haven't had to pay attention to music books for a while now, so I'm no authority. But if you're talking "indie" / "alternative" (yeah, I know), I wonder if your time frame is encompassed by any book or documentary nearly as well researched and insightful as Azzerad's "Our Band" -- which caps its epoch at '91.

I'm interested to know what you find!


Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

Specifically late 80s/early 90s punk, hardcore and grunge. Azerrad's book certainly is a good starting point.