Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ballroom blitz

German pop phenom Tokio Hotel is coming to New York! My preview in Time Out is here. I will be attending the Monday gig, and I sure hope to be deafened by the screams of a thousand hysterical girls—with a smattering of hysterical boys, to be sure.

My main regret: that the Teutonic heartthrobs are singing in English now, as I would have loved loved loved to see them stick to their native language. It worked in Europe after all, with millions of non-German-speaking fans mouthing along to songs like "Der Letzte Tag" or "Übers Ende der Welt." Ah well, we still have a ways to go in America. If even Shakira had to switch to English to make it past the Latino population, what hope is there for guys singing in the tongue of Goethe?


CoolBreezeGirl said...

Thanks for the preview! Some happy news for you... The band did sing two songs in their native tongue at their concert at The Roxy in Los Angeles two days ago. So most likely you guys in New York will also hear some songs in German. Tokio Hotel is amazing live no matter what language they sing in. They blow anyone away at their concerts, young, old, male, female, it doesn't matter. Bill Kaulitz is a phenomenal performer with a unique ability to totally captivate his audience and drive them into frenzy. You haven't expereinced real hysteria and witnessed true fan euphoria until you been in the first few rows of a Tokio Hotel concert. Then it doesn't matter if it is a club gig or in a huge stadium.

Charlotte said...

You are going to have an amazing time at the concert, I guarantee it. Tokio Hotel always put on an excellent show, and the past three dates in North America have been no exception. As coolbreezegirl mentioned, they did sing in German at their LA and Canada shows, so it is a fairly safe bet to say that they will in New York, as well. The American and Canadian fans have been hugely supportive of the band's music in their original language, so I hope that means we will be seeing it released in NA. Thank you for taking the time to write about the band!