Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dateline Stockholm, part 4

The Sheila and I were pleasantly surprised by how fun Mamma Mia! is, considering we didn't care for the play all that much. Meryl Streep looked as if she was having a total blast, which more than made up for the fact that the movie clearly takes place now, which makes the math behind a 20-year-old girl being born in the 70s rather wonky, to say the least. But hey, I stopped computing pretty darn fast. Plus, come on, we saw it in Stockholm!

Speaking of enduring magic, I'm quoted in this new Salon article about Abba's everlasting power. I wish I had remembered to mention, however, that for some music fans it's religious-era Bob Dylan, Ne-Yo's latest video and Arcade Fire fans that are cheesy. The cheese whiff clings to Abba mostly in the US and (a bit less so but still) England, countries with a very weird relation to European pop; that's because they're culturally protectionist when it comes to music and still find it difficult to accept the fact that a group from a non-English-speaking country could create great pop music that transcends its era.

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