Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to not go crazy

Not to take away from the abyss that real madness is, but living in a city like New York one encounters plenty of spoiled neurotics making light of actual dysfunction. Here's a quote from Clara Malraux (wife of André Malraux) I'll have to remember next time I'm confronted to one of them.

She recalls reading a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald that said, "Because of those who surrounded her, because of a feeling of being crushed and of non-existence, Zelda simply went mad." Malraux's daughter, Florence, who had given her mother the book, told her, "Read it, there will certainly be things of particular interest to you." After finishing it, Clara replied: "Today I understand that if I didn't go mad, it's really because I didn't have the time. With all the catastrophes, all the difficulties I had to face: Indochina, poverty, the Spanish Civil War, World War II, being Jewish, Resistance, the hardship of making a living and raising a child—I really didn't have time to go mad."


Drew said...

Hi. I read your blog, mostly through Google Reader. Random feed question for you.

I noticed that this showed up at the bottom of of your feed:

Can I ask what this is? Is this a means of telling Technorati that you've posted something new? Does it work?

I'm curious because I've had some troubles with Technorati for the last few months and am wondering if this will solve it.

Thanks much.

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

Honestly I never check on this stuff--I'm totally inept with following hits and ratings and twitter and all that kind of stuff! Technically it's a way for Technorati to check that you've posted something new but I did it months ago and I can never remember to check if it works...lame, I know.