Friday, October 17, 2008

The drought is about to end

This is completely lame of me but here's another reference for work on another site. This time I'm going on about image in pop and rock (one of my obsessions, as you may have noticed) over at SundayArts.

Some family members have been visiting from France for the past ten days, hence the lack of updates. It's not that things have stopped in their tracks—I did find the time to revisit Salome at the Met and I'm about to go see the wonderful Paula West at the Oak Room—but it's hard to find the time to live and hold a job and go out and blog. Oh dammit to hell, why can't a day have 36 hours?!?

I hope to resume normal programming on Monday.


David said...

A good little piece, Elisabeth -too short! I followed the link through to the 'covers game'; of course I'd seen a lot of this kind of thing before, what interested me though is that SURELY some of those album covers are way out of proportion! Which is interesting in the context of your comments on the unavailability of album covers (an update on the old complaint about tiny little CD covers). That is, there's iconography associated with albums/artists, but it's detached from the requirements of a format/size...

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

That's a good point. I do like the idea that the album covers acquire a life of their own, disassociated from the music. Now of course it's just disembodied music. I'm sure it's fine for many but I just love pop aesthetics too much not to miss the visuals.

I recently interviewed Róisín Murphy for Time Out New York and she had interesting things to say about that. I'll post the link when the piece is up.