Friday, December 12, 2008

Sweet on Hugh

Hugh Jackman is hosting the Oscars! Yay! I hope this means the producers will finally bring back the musical numbers that have been sorely missed in recent years. What better way to celebrate the infamous Snow White Debacle of 1989 than have Hugh let loose in a huge floor show? It would be the 20th anniversary, too. You cannot call yourself a lover of Tinseltown flakery if you haven't seen this magnificent disaster, which I believe was choreographed by Debbie Allen.

Hugh did a fantastic job hosting the Tonys, but then Tony is a lot looser than Oscar when it comes to swishing. "Dancing makes studio executives really, really nervous…" Omigod, I just adore him!!!


moe said...

The truly amazing part of that '89 Oscar opening is that they spent 7 full minutes on it! These days, it's impossible to imagine more than 4 or 5 minutes devoted to a musical number.

OK, I can't decide which costume I want more: the dancing glitter stars at the beginning or the dancing tables from the Coconut Grove sequence! The genius of Debbie Allen is clear. Bring her back!!

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

It took years for Debbie to excavate herself from under that pile of smoking rubble. But she should be proud and OWN the Snow White Debacle of 1989!

BTW, has Debbie ever been on Dancing with the Stars?