Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Long beautiful Hair

The revival of Hair hits the Al Hirshfeld Theatre, New York Post, April 1, 2009.

The show was extraordinary when it was presented at the Delacorte in Central Park last summer, and miraculously it still is on Broadway. And they're going to record it, so more good times ahead!

Director Diane Paulus goes full-on hippie, but I also enjoy more twisted versions of the material. Check out Army of Lovers' Swedish disco take on "Let the Sun Shine In":


Brian H. said...

Wow. We saw you on "Theater Talk" (we get it irregularly if at all here in Boston), and you referenced the Pet Shop Boys; that's when I knew I had to seek out your blog.

Then, you go and post this amazingly strange and exciting take on "Let the Sunshine In", by Army of Lovers (who go back as far with me to "Crucified" when I was a club kid).

Consider me a fan. I can't believe the Post had the balls to hire you.


Brian H. said...

Oh, and to add: We saw "Hair" last weekend, and for the most part loved it, although I'm a little bewildered by the unanimity of positive reviews. I think Gavin Creel is good where greatness is called for. Then again, my favorite version of the score is the Actor's Fund recording that came out in 2005. Can't beat Harvey Fierstein doing "Air."

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

Thanks for the comments. Very pleased that my PSB reference intrigued you! I'm about to start blogging for the Post (next week) and will certainly sneak in fun little tidbits along the lines of Army of Lovers!