Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pets, not animal companions

My preview of the Pet Shop Boys' New York shows is in today's Post.

It'd be preposterous to introduce the Boys' music at this point — or even focus on their latest album since the tour is more of a career retro — so I decided to zero in on their stagecraft. If a band can bring together pop heads and show-tune queens, it's this one. Appropriately, their current Pandemonium tour is staged by an opera and theater designer and choreographed by someone with two new shows on Broadway this season.


isaac butler said...

Didn't they do a piece that involved Simon McBurney and The Battleship Potemkin in London?

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

Yes indeed! They wrote a score for Battleship Potemkin for a screening at Trafalgar Square about five years ago. Apparently McBurney came up with the concept and read an intro before the screening.