Friday, January 15, 2010

More Castle!

No, not the TV show Castle -- I love Nathan Fillion, but not enough to watch his latest vehicle.

Here I'm talking about Terry Castle. I've been a big fan for a while (see this earlier post) and so I was particularly delighted to see that the essays I mentioned a couple of years ago have been collected in one handy volume, The Professor and Other Writings. Yesssss! [pumps fist in geeky excitment] Sadly, what I wrote then still stands: As far as I know, Castle still doesn't have a regular outlet in the US, while The New Yorker's "humor" page continues to require quotation marks.

Even better, the titular essay makes up half of the book and is new. Despite being swamped with work right now, I couldn't help but take a peek, the same way I can't help lunge for a treat when a box of marrons glacés happens to be in the vicinity. Oh it's going to be so good! (I'll even overlook the reference to a "régime amaigrissante" instead of "régime amaigrissant" -- that's how much I love Castle's writing.)


Terry Castle said...

chere Elisabeth V---

Merci beaucoup for the sweet plug! I am covered in shame over the Regime DESASTRE.. You are the only person out of about 100 people-- (including all the editors and copy editors at HarperCollins) -- to catch the faux pas. . Very grateful to you for pointing it out!--even though I now have to wear a paper bag over my head pour l'eternite. Not very chic or jolie. . One definitely wishes for a regime *change.*
Your Fan--TC

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

I was just being unnecessarily finicky, it's nowhere near a desastre. And if that's a book's worst problem, then there's really no need for a paper bag!
Your bigger fan--EV

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

P.S. At least in French the noun for "diet" is masculine.