Saturday, March 06, 2010

The one, the only Jeanne Balibar

I've written about Jeanne Balibar's idiosyncratic ways before (go here for some background) but she just topped herself — and that wasn't easy. At the recent Césars awards ceremony in Paris, she came in to announce the winner for best music. She started by saying "I'm really honored to announce the next César. I'll let you guess what it's for thanks to this short interlude."

And then she proceeded to sing a Baudelaire poem, augmented with pig noises. Make sure you watch the whole thing, as it gets crazier and crazier as it goes along. Hosts Valérie Lemercier and comedian Gad Elmaleh look startled, which of course adds to the scene's surreal tone. (The shots of the audience are choice as well.)

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dramadaily said...

Wow. Hmm. I don't know French; does the Baudelaire poem even have anything to do with pigs?

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

It's a play on the words "port" (harbor but also carrying something) and "porc" (pig). You have at least three different meanings to words that sound identical.