Monday, March 21, 2016

Denise bites the dust on The Walking Dead

I won't lie: I'm cheesed off that Carl got shot in the eye and got a cool patch, while Denise got shot in the eye and got a fresh grave. As for Carol, can we have any character coherence? Is that too much to ask? My take on last night's episode of The Walking Dead is here.


Bryan said...

if a bullet dosnt damage the brain tissue and exits the cranium without piercing the critical parts of the brain you could survive loosing an eye while an arrow entering from the back of the head piercing the whole brain will always kill if not incapacitate the victim

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

It wasn't strictly a medical comment (it's pretty obvious there was no way she could survive this shot!) but more one about storytelling and who they choose to save on the show.