Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fergie time is all the time

My love for Stacey Ferguson is no mystery. I know many rejoiced when she went under—way under—in Poseidon, but I was sorry when she met her aquatic demise. The only way I could have been sorrier is if Gwen Stefani had played that part (but no, she was slumming in some movie called Aviator by that washed-out Oscar winner, Martin Scorsese). Anyway, Fergie keeps getting better and better.

First, there was the cover of "9 to 5" with Charlotte Church (who masochistically books guests who often upstage her on her TV show—just remember the instaclassic version of "Beat It" with a totally trashed Amy Winehouse).

Now, Kevipod's Music has posted a two-minute excerpt from "Impacto," an upcoming track by reggaetón king Daddy Yankee on which Fergie does a featuring. It's only April and the rip's sound quality is pretty bad, but I smell a summer hit.

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