Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tech-free at last

I saw in my very own magazine (well, the one I work for, not my property—which would be, I gather, this humble blog) that some people take their BlackBerry to the beach. Let me reassure you, dear readers, that I myself am getting ready to go to the beach, but you sure as hell won't hear from me for the next six days. Nope, I'm going off the grid, as the young, the eco-warriors and the survivalists say. (I have no idea where this came from, considering I don't belong to any of these three groups.) Okay, fine, so I may try to reach out and find a computer or television on Sunday to see the results of the French election, but that's it!

At least there will be tons to talk about when I return, not so much about the trip but about the avalanche of plays opening at the end of the month and early May. Hang tight, it's sure to be a very bumpy ride.

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Minter said...

I love the fact that New York is paying attention to French politics... we, in Paris, will surely be spending mucho time (on blackberry or not) talking about the elections. SOmething that has impressed me is the number of sites providing platform analysis and interactive games (like the one on Le Monde:,2-823448,1-0,0.html