Thursday, March 06, 2008

My eyes, my ears!

Reading about the Gossip's forthcoming live album today reminded me that I'd meant to post about another item related to the band's singer, Beth Ditto. Apparently Mika is a big fan of the Gossip and he invited Ditto to perform a song with him at the T in the Park festival in Scotland last summer. The result is this unmitigated atrocity.

Where to begin... First of all, it is immediately clear that nobody onstage has any clue about the, shall we say, essence of the song; if they did, they would not let that guitarist go on with his wanking fretwork. Second: Is this a cheat sheet Ditto is holding?!? Third: Enough with the pseudo-soulful vocals, which only make the hapless duo sound like rejects from American Idol—and in fact there were better performances on Idol's recent 80s night. Lucky T in the Park punters, who got to witness this karaoke fiasco. The sky looks a bit ominous at times; perhaps it opened up at the end of the song in a fit of righful retribution.

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