Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No reunion is impossible!

Last week my colleague Mike Wolf asked me what show I would love to see even though it was highly unlikely to happen. "Dusty Springfield!" I yelped. No, a show by someone alive—picky, picky, picky. "Kylie Minogue!" No, more rock. I couldn't think of anybody at that moment and he couldn't hold it anymore: "Teenage Jesus and the Jerks are playing the Knitting Factory in June!"

Okay, I have to say that on the cool scale, that one's an 11. Teenage Jesus, of course, was the ultra-abrasive no-wave band that unleashed the young Lydia Lunch on the world. They played short songs, recorded a couple of EPs and disappeared. Now they're back for one night, with Lunch handling both vocals and guitar.

Mike has more details on the TONY blog. The only question right now: When am I going to find the time to go to the Knit's box-office and buy tickets.

P.S. Teenage Jesus' shows were brief: 15-20 minutes. Which is the way it should be. Too many bands now, full of egotistical self-regard, go on forever. I was reminded of that sad state of affair Saturday, when the utterly mediocre Bodies of Water, opening for Sons and Daughters at Bowery Ballroom, rambled on for an unconscionable 45 minutes. And another note for Bodies of Water: Vocal harmonies doesn't mean four people singing at the same time but in collaboration. Which, you know, requires some actual work.


Judy said...

I am so there!

Luke N. Atmaguchi said...

I just saw Sons & Daughters a couple weeks ago at SXSW. They're under the Saturday entry in my fest diary -- atmaguchi [dot] blogspot

How'd you like the show? Did you preview or review?

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

I didn't preview or review Sons and Daughters. I did really enjoy their set, which was fun and spirited—a perfect Saturday evening rock show.