Monday, March 16, 2009

Blitz Spirit

Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre, New York Post, March 16.

Busy weekend it was: I returned to Room for Cream, the live soap opera run at LaMaMa by the Dyke Division of the Theatre of the Two-Headed Calf company; caught the next-to-last performance of Armitage Gone! Dance's Think Punk at the Kitchen; saw Paul Scott Goodman's Rooms at New World Stages.

The latter I'll review in the Post. As for Think Punk, it was uneven but the good parts were really, really good. Highlight: "Drastic Classicism," a 1981 piece set to music by Rhys Chatham. The score was performed at top volume (essential for Chatham) by a drummer and four guitarists, standing in the middle of the dancers. Oh man, what an absolutely visceral thrill!


Mike Wolf said...

Damn! I got shut out of Kitch tix for Armitage. Drastic Classisicm is the one i wanted to see most, too; Steve Gunn, one of the guitarists, is pretty great.


Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

I really shouldn't rub it in was AWESOME!