Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Expanse

The Expanse is science fiction and proud of it! I wrote about why its low-budget, sometimes cheeseball genre charms are so wonderful for the Village Voice. Click here for the intergalactic fun.

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Anonymous said...

perhaps speculative & sci-fi are NOT
your forte. the Expanse seems well
cast with excellent production values. you have a problem with a good looking cast?! seems a very plausible racial mix with intriguing
collection of regional accents. and WTF does "the unsinkable Chad Coleman" mean? as if he were a turd that won't flush. those of us who have a special place in our hearts for him are delighted to see him show more of his range. this series comes from an adult angle-the only thing cheesy is your flippant review.there is a way to tell a story well & there is a way to hear a story well. all sci-fi isn't the same any more than all family dramas
are the same. much too often culturists take a condescending tack
about the genre despite it's long, rich pedigree. hammy acting?!! what
exactly were YOU watching? it's a space opera with wit & grit.