Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Conveying electricity

Pylon's show at Mercury Lounge tonight is sold out so you have two options if you don't have a ticket: go anyway see if you can somehow get in, or try to catch the band at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (né Northsix) tomorrow. I previewed the gigs in TONY so this is a just an extra reminder.

According to my logs, I've seen the Athens quartet only once, at Maxwells on May 14, 1989. I was convinced I'd seen these guys more but it's unlikely. I did listen to my crappy bootleg recording of that show a lot, though. They pretty much hibernated throughout the 90s and two thirds of the 00s, so this is a rare chance to catch this fine, fine American band.

Pylon's debut, 1980's Gyrate, has just been reissued by DFA so here are two tracks from its follow-up, 1983's Chomp (the one that came in a die-cut sleeve).

Pylon "M-Train" (a live favorite, where the crowd bellows "whoo-hoo!")
Pylon "Yo-Yo" (methinks some people listened to ESG)


nyctaper said...

Yes, I'm pretty energized about this show, having seen them only once before (Palladium 1988). I've also previewed this show on my blog, and will be recording it with the blessing of the band.

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

I guess I'll look out for someone holding up a mike!

Luke N. Atmaguchi said...

Last year via Amazon I sold my copy of the out-of-print Pylon compilation "Hits" for an unconscionable sum, around $40. Now I feel like I ripped the guy off, but I swear, I didn't know this "Gyrate (Plus)" reissue was coming, honest. Well, caveat emptor . . .