Friday, November 09, 2007

Words and guitar and words

Former Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein has been busy in interestingly non-musical ways since her band split up. There was the comedy videos with Fred Armisen, and now she blogs on the NPR site. The current entry, about preciousness in music, is particularly on target:

"When a band or singer makes me go 'awwww,' as I would at the sight of a newborn child, then that is a band that needs a pacifier not an amplifier. Other indicators of preciousness include, but are not limited to: matching old-timey outfits; mumbling, soft-spoken stage banter that trails off and is quickly followed by a cutesy smile, which for some reason garners huge cheers from the audience; being so nervous on stage that someone in the crowd has to yell 'you can do it!' or 'we love you' (exception made here for child performers); asking people to lie down on the floor for the next song; and any audience sing-along or participation so complicated that it needs to be explained BEFORE the song starts."


judy said...

I call that "The Miranda July Syndrome." It makes me reach for my slapping stick.

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

Against all odds, I find myself enjoying Miranda July's fiction. It's a mystery.

judy said...

Oh, Elisabeth! That IS a mystery!!!