Friday, November 16, 2007

Let the funky music do the talking now

Some songs are so viscerally thrilling that they make everything around them just…perfect—it's like an aural contact high. "Fling," from Girls Aloud's new album Tangled Up, is one of those songs: It is pop 2007, from its magnificently fuzzed-up bass bridge to its cheeky lyrics: "It's just a fling, baby, fling, baby, nothing more than a fling, just a bit of ding-a-ling, baby, bling, don't want relationships so swing, baby, swing."

Walking around listening to "Fling" is like when The Wizard of Oz turns to Technicolor. Suddenly everything is sharp, vibrant, and you are the coolest person in the universe

Here it is. Now the weekend can begin. Actually, make that the rest of our lives.

Girls Aloud "Fling"

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Cygirl said...

I love 'Fling,' but my favorite track is 'Black Jacks.' Or 'Close To Love.' Or 'Control Of The Knife.'

Hell, the whole album is wonderful.