Monday, May 05, 2008

Voulez-vous Scandi?

A triple-bill of Swedish deliciousness is rolling into town. You can read my preview of this week's two shows by El Perro del Mar, Lykke Li and Anna Terheim here. My only question is: Why couldn't they get Jenny Wilson and Marit Bergman to make it an Ozzfest-like marathon? There are music links at the end of the review, so here's a couple of videos of the ones that got away: Jenny Wilson's "Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward" and Marit Bergman's "Adios Amigos," which has got to be among the most exuberant videos I've ever seen.

Interestingly, I hear that of the three playing in NYC, Ternheim sells the most in Sweden while the other two are relatively confidential—but the roles are reversed here, and she's opening the bill. It's always fun to see which artists don't do squat at home while exporting well. I remember that Tahiti 80 would sell out Bowery Ballroom and do long US tours while nobody had ever heard of them in France; same for M83 when it started, or that new rock band the Teenagers.


Marit said...

Hello Elizabeth nice to see you remember me;).

Hope you´re well. I live in brooklyn now again, currently in Sweden waiting for my visa though but will be back as soon as that´s sorted out.

I have more recent stuff too:)
Herés the latest video. Pretty great if I may say so myself!

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

Yay, Marit Bergman in the house! Indeed it's a cool song and cool video. I hope we get live Marit action in New York very soon.