Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At least Italy is down

In Euro 2008 news, France got mired in a craptacular match against Romania yesterday; it was so awful that even the score of 0-0 doesn't reflect the utter pointlessness of those 90 minutes. (And yet I had a better time than watching a good baseball game. That's how it goes.) Our midfield lacked creativity and couldn't create any opportunities. And even when it did, Anelka and Benzema at the front didn't show any flair. Benzema's best occasion was a limp shot straight into the Romania keeper's arms. He's going to have to do a lot better than that.

But the day was redeemed by the utter humiliation of the Italians by the Dutch. I can't stand the Azzuri's playing style and rejoice every time they lose, but this was even better than a mere defeat: they were told a lesson. See the magnificent Dutch goals for yourself. Of course this doesn't bode well for France's own match against the Dutch on Friday; I'm not entirely sure the French defense is up to it (the Romanian attackers didn't pose that big a threat). I feel a first-round exit for les Bleus.


swampblues said...

Hey, girl!
Where the f... are you from? Your surname betrays a clear Italian origin but if you don't feel Italian inside, well, you know where you can go...and not come back.
You don't like the Italian way of playing soccer...which one do you like? the French one? What the hell are you talking about?
You're not happy because someone wins but because someone loses: Is this your idea of sport? Oh, Christ! The bottom is deeper and deeper than one might presume!
Excuse me, just one question: Have you ever watched a real football (ooops, soccer!?) match?
Warm greetings from Nusco, Italy.
Michele Delli Gatti
P.S.: I stumbled on your name while I was choosing a book to buy from the 33 1/3 series: Guess I'm going to buy yours?
Saluti e Baci

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

What's up with that "you know where you can go and not come back?" Nice attitude...So friendly.

I'm actually French from Corsica, hence my last name. And I did grow up watching football (I use "soccer" on my blog because I live in the US, as do most of my readers, and it's clearer that way) both live and on TV. I've actually mentioned that in a few posts in the past, most recently one about how boring American baseball fans are compared to European football/soccer fans. Quick assumptions based on reading one post aren't really solid now aren't they?

And no, I don't like the Italian playing style. But then I don't like the way the French are playing now either. It's awful, plain and simple. I would think that based on style and technique, any lover of football would root for the Dutch in Euro 2008. The French in me wants France to win on Tuesday, but in all fairness the Dutch deserve to win it all.


michele delli gatti said...

Did you like the game?
Did you like the way we played?

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

I can't say I liked it, but it was just good enough to push the team over the pathetic, horrible French. And in the end, "good enough" is what counts. Now the French federation just needs to get rid of Domenech and start again.