Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Britain should support Sweden

This title is referring to Euro 2008, of course. (Yes, that is all I can think about at the moment.) Thanks to Sasha Frere-Jones's blog for directing me to this Guardian article, in which Robyn explains why English fans should support Sweden in the tornament, since England itself didn't make it. I pretty much agree with everything she says and in fact Sweden is my no. 2 sentimental pick, after France of course.

Actually there is one little thing…she writes "I've never known a country to like Abba as much as Britain. You like them more than we do!" Actually, the country that adores Abba the most has got to be Australia. The band was huge there before it really conquered Sweden, and Oz's passion for Abba has still not abetted.

In any case, Sweden is off to a roaring start, defeating the returning Greek champs today.

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