Thursday, June 26, 2008

I won't make a habit of this

I overflow with enthusiasm in the new Time Out New York.

First, I hail the new DVD of Anthony Mann's The Furies, a wonderfully nutty 1950 Western starring Barbara Stanwyck and Walter Huston.

Then I go gaga over Joey Arias and Basil Twist's new show, Arias with a Twist. Even if the mere thought of puppets sends shivers down your spine—and not good ones—the show resuscitates the gonzo thrills of the downtown of yesteryear. And it's not like there's that many great offerings this summer anyway.

Finally, if you are in New York, free tonight and have a soft spot for pop music, please drop by Solas Bar at 7:30pm for the latest in St Mark's Bookstore's reading series. I will read from my book on Abba Gold, while LD Beghtol will read from his 69 Love Songs and Franklin Bruno from his Armed Forces. I may venture that we all share an appreciation for "Dancing Queen." Solas is at 232 E 9th St between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, in the East Village.

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