Monday, July 26, 2021

Woodstock 99

It's hard to wrap your head around not just what happened at this festival in 1999, but also how John Scher talks about it in 2021 — I had to replay a couple of scenes to make sure I heard him right. Click here for my review.

The Two Noble Kinsmen

 Shakespeare in the Parking Lot is back — though I caught its show not, technically speaking, in a parking lot but in Bryant Park. Click here for my review.

July's Science-fiction column

 My latest New York Times column covering streaming science-fiction movies is out and I found some goodies for the fans out there. Click here for five links.

More theater to stream

 I have been traveling and working on a time-intensive stories so I've fallen behind on posting links to my stories. Here's my latest theater-streaming guide, just as I start working on the next one, which is running next week!

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Mood board with Nida Manzoor

We Are Lady Parts is one of my favorite TV shows of the year so talking to its creator, Nida Manzoor, about her influences was a wonderful treat. Thataway for Virginie Despentes et al.

50 Years of The Ed Sullivan Show

The TV show's official YouTube channel is a treasure trove, and I spent hours and hours going through it to select some of the most interesting numbers. Sorry, no Beatles. Click here for a portal to Vanilla Fudge, Harry Belafonte and Ethel Merman.

Torrey Townsend and Robert O'Hara

Another fascinating meeting with two opinionated creators: playwright Torrey Townsend and director Robert O'Hara, discussing their show Off Broadway (the title is a search-engine nightmare). Read what they have to say.

Ann Dowd and Robert Icke

As soon as I saw how Ann Dowd and Robert Icke interacted in our conversation about their project, Enemy of the People, I knew my article had to be done as a Q&A. Two lovely, smart people having an exchange of ideas. Thataway.

Streaming theater: live from Britain and Greek classics

 Theater is back IRL but streaming offers are still plentiful. A harbinger: British companies are now streaming select performances of their IRL offerings. They are ahead of American ones in that respect. Click here for more.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Lupin is back

Nobody saw Lupin coming in January; we're better prepared now, as Part 2 just dropped. I talked to a few people about the success of the Netflix series. Thataway for the goods.

Indonesian superheroes and Korean zombies

I found some goodies for my latest column about streaming science-fiction movies. There's even a good Gerard Butler movie! Click here for more. 

Wednesday, June 09, 2021


 Humanity may be struck with insomnia in this disaster of a disaster movie, but viewers won't have that problem. Click here for my review.

Streaming theater: special Pride edition

 It's June and you know what that means: lots of shows coming in for Pride. This installment of my streaming-theater column is packed with goodies. Click here and start streaming.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

chekhovOS /an experimental game/

What I didn't realize I wanted to see: Jessica Hecht in The Cherry Orchard. It happens, sort of, in this high-concept virtual production from the Arlekin Players. My Critic's Pick is here.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Touching the Void

 My latest review for the Times is of Touching the Void, based on Joe Simpson's memoir of escaping a death trap in the Andes. Click away!

Interview with Mike Faist

I watched Mike Faist in Dear Evan Hansen and Days of Rage, then I watched him in the Amazon series Panic, and next I'll watch him as Riff in the West Side Story movie. I just didn't expect to hear about an existential crisis when I interviewed him in Park Slope recently. Read on.

Streaming theater: concerts and classics

Streaming theater shows no sign of flagging and I unearthed some gems for this installment of my column.

The Serpent mood board

What a treat to talk to Tom Shankland about the Netflix series The Serpent! I just love doing those "mood board" articles for the Times because they're about what really interests me: the art that influences the art. Click here for more.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Live Eurovision

I spent most of yesterday covering the Eurovision Song Contest for the New York Times. It was great fun to work with Matthew Anderson, Alex Marshall, Thomas Erdbrink and what felt like a veritable army of editors to deliver a live feed of the event. You can relive the magic here.

This month's obscure streaming science fiction

I continue to navigate the nooks and crannies of the Interweb to find obscure sci-fi nuggets that you might have missed. Click here for the latest installment of my column for the Times.