Saturday, December 02, 2023

Sleeping Beauty

 ONEOFUS and Abrons are teaming up for another panto! This year they're doing Sleeping Beauty and I wrote a preview for the Times. I could not have been happier at that rehearsal. Thataway for the naughty fun.

Friday, December 01, 2023

Holiday movies of 2023

They're baaaaack! My annual roundup of streaming holiday movies is back. The winner this year: Candy Cane Lane. That one and more are here.

Panto is back at Abrons Arts Center

 It's that time of the year: The Panto Project is back at Abrons! I wrote a preview of Sleeping Beauty for the Times and after watching a rehearsal, I can't wait to see the actual show with a roomful with screaming kids. Click here for the article.

Science fiction for November

Here's a link to my November sci-fi column. They keep coming! 

Interview with Qui Nguyen

I've long been a fan of Qui Nguyen's work so it's always a pleasure to catch up with him. Click here for the goods — and yes, it's a gift link.

Florencia en al Amazonas

I love sitting in at rehearsals and frankly the Met Opera is right up there in terms of sheer delight. I got to watch them run through the entirety of their production of Florencia en el Amazonas for this preview feature. Total treat.

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

OK, I have been completely terrible about posting links to my articles! Here's a whole batch to catch up. And I'm going to do my darnedest to remember to include gift links.

First off is my review of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, starring Aubrey Plaza and Christopher Abbott. Mixed, as they say.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Watch Night

Regardless of the content of Watch Night, there's a real problem when it feels as if a creative team did not watch its own show from the audience's perspective. How else to explain the dead spots and how hard it is to read the surtitles and watch the actors at the same time? Click here for my review.

Monday, November 06, 2023

Nosferatu, a 3D Symphony of Horror

Joshua William Gelb and his Theater in Quarantine tackled the classic Murnau movie in 35 minutes and entirely livestreamed from within a small East Village closet. And it worked!!!

Another batch of sci-fi movies

A little late posting this one, but I closed October with more streaming science fiction! Click here for my latest list. 

Graciela Daniele and Priscilla Lopez

For a good time, I highly recommend sitting down for a chat with Graciela Daniele and Priscilla Lopez. They have dedicated their lives to theater, particularly of the musical persuasion, and they have stories to tell. A few of them made it into my preview of their show together, The Gardens of Anuncia. Click here for the article.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Adèle Haenel

I drove up to Chatham (my first time there, and it was great) to see L'Étang and talk to Adèle Haenel and Gisèle Vienne. I highly recommend a chat with these two if you want a bracing conversation, and I have the biggest respect for their commitment. Click here for the story.

My 10 with Tituss Burgess

One of my favorite parts about Zooming with Tituss Burgess was watching one of his dogs clamber all over him. Click here for the list of 10 things he loves.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Could this show have been hatched just for me? It covers so many of my interests. David Adjmi is finally back with a new play in New York, and what a doozy it promises to be! My preview of Stereophonic for the Times is here.

Solo shows for the fall

I rounded up solo offerings for the New York Times. And there are quite a few of good ones to hit the NYC stages this fall. Click here for the list.

Dicks — The Musical

This movie is what happens when people try way too hard. But hey, we get Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally together, and they looked to be having more fun than in It's Only a Play! My review is here.

Monday, October 02, 2023

October sci-fi

Headlining this month's sci-fi column is No One Will Save You, which I love. See it on Hulu! That movie and more in the new batch here.

Dmitry Krymov at La MaMa

The Russian writer and director Dmitry Krymov is presenting a pair of new shows at La MaMa and I would urge anybody interested in theater to attend. I expand on that notion in a critic's notebook for the Times.

Dracula, a Comedy of Terrors

Based on multiple experiences, I'm going to theorize that vampires do a lot better onstage when they intentionally make us laugh. My review of the new play Dracula, a Comedy of Terrors is up.