Sunday, November 12, 2023

Watch Night

Regardless of the content of Watch Night, there's a real problem when it feels as if a creative team did not watch its own show from the audience's perspective. How else to explain the dead spots and how hard it is to read the surtitles and watch the actors at the same time? Click here for my review.

Monday, November 06, 2023

Nosferatu, a 3D Symphony of Horror

Joshua William Gelb and his Theater in Quarantine tackled the classic Murnau movie in 35 minutes and entirely livestreamed from within a small East Village closet. And it worked!!!

Another batch of sci-fi movies

A little late posting this one, but I closed October with more streaming science fiction! Click here for my latest list. 

Graciela Daniele and Priscilla Lopez

For a good time, I highly recommend sitting down for a chat with Graciela Daniele and Priscilla Lopez. They have dedicated their lives to theater, particularly of the musical persuasion, and they have stories to tell. A few of them made it into my preview of their show together, The Gardens of Anuncia. Click here for the article.