Monday, February 27, 2023

Eva Green and Vincent Cassel in Liaison

I spoke to two of the most internationally minded French actors, who have joined forces for the first time in the Apple TV+ thriller Liaison. Next: Milady and Athos in The Three Musketeers! My story is here.

Alexander Zeldin

The British theatermaker Alexander Zeldin has a lot to say, and he is exploring it in ways that feel both old-fashioned and radical. My story about his new (to NYC, at least) show, LOVE, can be found here.

Christoph Waltz

 What's great about interviewing Christoph Waltz is the way he engages. It's clear he wants to make the conversation interesting for himself so he's testing, challenging. Great fun. Click here for my interview.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Five science-fiction movies to stream in February

My latest column rounds up five under-the-radar sci-fi movies you might want to check out. Yes, I laughed out loud several times during We Are Not Alone. Vicki Pepperdine FTW! Click here for more.

Hari Nef and Parker Posey

Hari Nef plays Sasha (ex-Masha) and Parker Posey plays Irene (ex-Irina Arkadina) in Thomas Bradshaw's adaptation of The Seagull for the New Group. I was invited to watch an hour of rehearsal and ended up staying the afternoon. They are firecrackers who were meant to act together. Click here for their chat.

Saturday, February 04, 2023

Without You

I reviewed Anthony Rapp's solo show, Without You, in which he reminisces about two key losses in his life: his mother and Jonathan Larson. Click here for my take on the show. Warning: there's a Rent burn.

Monica Bellucci is Maria Callas

Finally getting enough of a breather to post my last couple of articles. One of them was an interview with Monica Bellucci, who came to New York with her one-woman show about Maria Callas. Thataway for the article — and its great photo.