Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Five sci-fi movies to stream in March

The latest installment of my sci-fi column is all over the place — and that's the whole point! Thataway for the streaming suggestions.

Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu had a blast playing gods

I wish I could have been in the same physical room as these two women, who are very different and thus wonderfully complement each other. Zoom had to do. Click here for our chat.

The Trees

Agnes Borinsky's newest, at Playwrights Horizons, starts with an absurdist premise then proceeds to do little with it. The gap between the extraordinary concept and the timidity of the show is rather deep. Thataway for my review.

Becomes a Woman

Very on brand for the Mint Theater, whose mission is to unearth obscure plays: a premiere by Betty Smith, the author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I wish I'd liked the production more. My review is here.