Sunday, July 16, 2023

RIP Jane Birkin

It was worth rescheduling my matinee of Flex so I could write this tribute to Jane Birkin for the Times.

Gray Matter

The films in Project Greenlight are literally designed by committee. No surprise: My review of the series' latest production, Gray Matter, is not positive. 

Steven Soderbergh and Ed Solomon

There are few directors I admire as much as Steven Soderbergh, and Full Circle grew my love for Ed Solomon, too. Talking to both of them was such a treat. My Q&A can be found here.

Some science-fiction movies for July

The latest installment of my streaming column is out. Bring on the AI! Or not — it never turns out well in sci-fi movies. Click here for the column.

Joy Ride

It usually helps to watch a comedy with a crowd but I saw Joy Ride at a screening with only 5-6 other people and I laughed a lot. Thataway for my review of the movie.

Exit interview with Sarah Benson

Some of my wildest theater memories of the past 15 years are from Soho Rep shows, so obviously I had to talk to Sarah Benson as she leaves the company. Click here for my exit interview with her.

Wednesday, July 05, 2023


Blackbraid plays black metal, and here's my story.

Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History of Popular Music

Watching this documentary about Taylor Mac's grand project took a lot less time than attending the 24-hour version — which I did, and I'll never stop gloating! Click here for my review of the new Max doc.

The Gospel According to Heather

The problem with Heather is that she can't decide if she wants to be a normie teenager or if she wants to stand out. Considering that she seems to be a new messiah, she might not have a choice. Click here for my review of this new musical, whose cast includes Katey Sagal in a small but key role.

The Perfect Find

Gabrielle Union is one of the few actresses who can go head to head with Julia Roberts in terms of rom-com charisma. Case in point: this new movie, which I got to review for the Times.

Once Upon a One More Time

Right now there are Britney Spears songs playing key parts in three different Broadway musicals: Moulin Rouge, & Juliet and Once Upon a One More Time — the last being wall-to-wall Britney, and I got to review it! Thataway.

Rock & Roll Man

I'm just not sure why you would want to cast Constantine Maroulis in a rock-themed show and not give him some rock numbers? That's just one of my issues with this new musical. Click here for my review.