Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Bruce Willis now

 Over the past few years, but especially since 2015, Bruce Willis has been making a lot of movies. I watched 12 of them and lived to tell the tale. The story is here.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

A look at British panto

What a treat to team up with my colleague Alexis Soloski on a panto article! And what a treat to be able to watch panto to begin with, since we are in the U.S., where this particular theatrical genre does not thrive. Click here for our conversation.

Jared Mezzocchi

 Many people stepped into the arts breach in 2020, and it was my pleasure to write about Jared Mezzocchi for the Times.

Be an Arts Hero

 I wrote about the advocacy group Be an #ArtsHero for the New York Times. Another thing I wish we didn't need, but there we are. The article is here.

Last streaming column of 2020

 What a year it's been for streaming theater. For starters: that's when streaming theater began. We could have done without that invention but there you go: lemons, lemonade. In my last streaming column of 2020, I suggest some productions that show that we've come a long way since the hesitant Zoom days of March. Click here for more.

Friday, December 04, 2020

What's happening on the Dallas stages?

 In real life, I've never stepped outside of the Dallas-Forth Worth airports — yes, there are two. In virtual life, I watched a lot of Dallas theater this fall. Click here for my story about it.

Streaming theater: holiday edition

 My column about streaming theater comes with a theme this week. You have one guess.

The 2020 Christmas movies on Netflix

 I did it last year and here I am again this year: I watched the new batch of Netflix original Christmas movies, and lived to tell the tale — and rank them! Thataway for the list, which everybody will disagree with.

Best of 2020

 I contributed to the Times' Best of 2020 list. Naturally, I highlighted some viral projects.