Thursday, December 30, 2021

A chat with Suranne Jones

Suranne Jones is best known in the US for Gentleman Jack but she's always great — and so she is in the new Vigil. Fun fact: I called her from my brother's old bedroom in our family home in Corsica, as our interview got delayed until after I left for vacation. Suranne is thataway.

Arcane mood board

I chatted with Christian Linke and Alex Yee about the inspirations behind their Netflix series, Arcane. Fun stuff! Click here for the goods.

Five sci-fi movies to wrap up 2021

 My sci-fi column for The New York Times wraps up for 2021 with this latest installment.

Thursday, December 09, 2021

Mr. Saturday Night

No, not the Billy Crystal movie: I reviewed this HBO doc about Robert Stigwood, whose producing credits include Saturday Night Fever. Thataway!

Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

The Jim Henson special, which premiered in the US in 1978, comes to the New Victory Theater in December. This gave me a golden opportunity to talk to Paul Williams. Click here for my preview of the show.

Best theater 2021

 It was a pleasure to contribute to the New York Times' roundup of great moments in 2021 theater.

Interview with Paul Verhoeven

You know what's not streaming right now? Showgirls! But hey, Paul Verhoeven has a new movie out, Benedetta, and we chatted on the phone. Click here for our conversation.

2021 Netflix holiday movies

This is starting to feel like a tradition: Once again, I ranked all the new Netflix holiday originals — well, the ones available by our deadline. Jingle all this way!

Non-Netflix streaming holiday movies

First, there were the Netflix holiday movies. Then, there were the holiday movies on streamers other than Netflix. Behold, another roundup!