Monday, July 27, 2020

The Persians

You had to be there. No, really, you had to watch The Persians on Saturday at 2pm ET because the show, while livestreaming, is gone from the web. And it truly was fantastic, as I say in my review for the Times.

The enduring greatness of Columbo

What a treat to be able to write about Columbo, a show I started watching literally decades ago. I was happy to see it has actually aged well. Click here for my love letter to the sneakiest detective of them all.

Theater keeps on streaming

Belatedly posting my latest streaming column just as I'm working on the next installment! A lot of it is still available to get going.

Friday, July 10, 2020

The Copper Children

Oregon Shakespeare Festival is now streaming its production of The Copper Children, which I watched for the Times. Click here for the review.

The Beach House

Don't touch that gelatinous thing that washed up on the beach! Seriously, why did you have to touch it? My review of the vacation-horror movie The Beach House is up.

The She Kills Monsters phenomenon

Nobody could have predicted that Qui Nguyen's Off Off Broadway show would turn into a megahit on campuses across the country. I looked at the little show that could, and why so many theater students and teachers love it.

Why there aren't more Broadway shows online

Hamilton, yeah, sure: You can now stream it. But why are there so relatively few Broadway shows available online? And what's up with the performing arts library's collection of recordings? I answered those pressing questions and more in this primer for the NY Times.

More streaming theater

I can't believe I forgot to link to this roundup of streaming theater! But hey, better late than never, especially since quite a few selections are still available. Click here for the article.