Thursday, September 21, 2023

Death, Let Me Do My Show

Let's just say that the "Death" in the title of Rachel Bloom show is not metaphorical. Well, it is, but also not, which I obliquely address in my review. Thataway for my take on Bloom's almost-solo show.

Jerry Harrison

Talking music and production with Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads (and more) is a sound nerd's dream come true — even if a lot of his techie explanations flew right over my head. My interview for Tidal is here.

Friday, September 08, 2023

Rotting in the Sun

There is something rotten in the state of Mexico, and it might just be an American influencer. Or maybe a Chilean director. Hard to tell in Sebasti├ín Silva's latest, which I reviewed for the Times. 

Enjoy some sci-fi movies in September

My latest batch of science-fiction streaming movies has some doozies, including the latest version of the Ultraman character. So good! Thataway for the list.

Simon Kinberg and Invasion

I'm a sucker for alien-invasion stories so the Apple TV+ series Invasion has been right up my alley. I talked to the co-creator and showrunner Simon Kinberg about the new season, which is unfurling right now. Click here for our chat.