Friday, June 16, 2023

A whole bunch of reading links

I have fallen way behind in updating this log of my writing updated, which obviously defies the purpose (or at least the purpose as it has evolved since I switched to full-time writing in 2009). So here's a big dump of links for your enjoyment. 

First off is my review of the rickety Gerard Butler vehicle Kandahar. You know an action movie is going to be dull when one of the most exciting scenes involves the main characters getting a flat tire.

Lorna Courtney is one of my favorites in the new crop of musical-theater performers, and she landed a well-deserved Tony nomination for her performance in & Juliet. She turned out to be a lot of fun to talk to.

I can't say I was the prime demographic for the International Male catalog but the doc about it, All Male, is quite interesting. My review is here.

Of course, June also delivered a science-fiction column so check out the latest installment.

I trekked to the Wild Project — a theater I love but boy, is it far from my subway stop — for Deep Blue Sound, part of Clubbed Thumb Summerworks series. Ensemble of the summer? Possibly.

The Tony Awards were kinda weird this year, but overall the show went well. I have a couple of entries in the New York Times's best/worst list.

I reviewed Catherine Cohen's new show, Come For Me, which is at Joe's Pub. By far the funniest thing I've seen in the past year and beyond.

And hot off the presses as of now, my preview of the musical Good Vibrations at Irish Arts Center!