Friday, August 03, 2007

Island girl

I'm really looking forward to Barbara Carlotti's show at Joe's Pub tonight, which I previewed in TONY. To recap: Carlotti is a French singer-songwriter who sings with an amazing cleanness of tone; she's been compared to another Barbara (the one who goes without a last name) and while the two share a certain vocal color, Carlotti's referencing of 60s pop makes her a lot more accessible to non-French speakers.

Carlotti's debut album, Les lys brisés, has been a staple on my CD player lately. I particularly love its very French production style, in which the vocals are mixed way up and very crisply. No wonder her first EP was made with Bertrand Burgalat, who's a genius at taking 60s recording techniques and bringing them into the 00s without sounding gratuitously nostalgic; a remnant from those sessions, "Cannes," appears on the album. Tonight, Carlotti's backed by the band she'd brought to Montreal's Francofolies, where she just played, so we should get a nicely full sound.

And this is a double shout out since Carlotti is part Corsican, with family living about half an hour from mine on the island. Yay for the homegirl!

MP3 Barbara Carlotti "Les lys brisés" (from Les lys brisés, 2006)
MP3 Barbara Carlotti "Peu importe" (from Les lys brisés, 2006)

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She's heading The Sound of Musique too with an unreleased song.