Sunday, November 11, 2007

Exchange students

It's no secret that I love both High School Musical movies. I even went to see High School Musical: The Ice Tour at Madison Square Garden a few weeks ago, and I screamed in excitment at the fake Sharpay et al. out there on their skates.

So imagine my joy when I found out that there are tons of international versions of songs from HSM floating around! The most common are covers of HSM2's "You Are the Music in Me" in the Troy/Gabriella version, though as usual Bollywood went one step further by adapting almost everything from HSM2 (including Sharpay's version of "You Are the Music in Me"—yay!!!) and adding three songs "inspired by" the movie and written by the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy team, such as "Aaja Nachle."

Below are two of the Hindi tunes, followed by covers in Swedish, French and Cantonese.

Arijit Singh, Tarannum Malik, Earl Edgar D, Raja Hasan, Shilpa Rao "All for One (Aaja Nachle)"
Sunidhi Chauhan "Dhun Teri Hain Saason Mein" ("You Are the Music in Me," Sharpay version)
Molly Sendén and Ola Svensson "Du är musiken i mig" ("You Are the Music in Me")
Willy Denzey "Bet on It (Double Mise)"
Justin Lo and Kary Ng "飛就飛" ("Everyday")


Anonymous said...

Oh, Elisabeth. Only you.

Well, only you... plus a few hundred thousand people for each ONE of those nationalities/ethnicities. Your blog, and probably yours alone, makes it possible for your readers to enjoy ALL of them. Which feels eerily like stepping into the center of some kind of multicultural polyglot cover-version panopticon.

Exhilirating. Thank you.

Selock said...

Wow...this linguistics alumna and mother of a 4 year old (we're big Disney fans) really, really LOVES you.

Elisabeth Vincentelli said...

Aw, thanks! Believe me, I was quivering with excitment when I found those songs.