Friday, January 25, 2008

The villainy within

So the new Bond movie is going to be called Quantum of Solace, which sounds like something that'd be playing at Manhattan Theater Club. The designated villain this time around is played by Mathieu Amalric, who confides that he's going to play the part prop- and tic-less (ie, forget about slavic accents and fluffy cats). For you see, this guy's villainy comes from within. AP quotes Amalric as saying, 'That's maybe what is horrible about today. We can't guess who the villains are. The villains are invisible.'' The actor also explained that he's modeling his character on Tony Blair and Nicolas Sarkozy. ''I've been taking details, the smile of Tony Blair, the craziness of Sarkozy, he's the worst villain we've ever had."

Note that unlike in most Bond movies, however, it's villainous Sarkozy who's getting the babe right now.

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